We know that you understand the stuff really well, but can you really create the stuff on your own? We help you understand the creation with simple tricks and tips that let you turn your colours from nerds to geeks.

But How?
We have a magic spell to do that! Nah, we really don't, we just support you to know what you want to know.
We believe in the quote The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding by Leonardo da Vinci. Our blog helps you in getting acquaintance with the latest technologies through demos, code snippets and what not! Everything started with Prostunts Technical blog which is now the tech blog for NerdsToGeeks. The blog has been around for a couple of years and has more than a century of posts that might help you how to create the stuff.
We showcase some rich tools, range doesn't matter, that might inspire you in taking up some exciting projects for self-learning and improving yourself. Peek into these existing tools for now, while we keep adding the latest in to this section.
Apart from the tools, we do have some cool demos to showcase. These demos are random and may range from simple color generator to lengthy slide creator. These are supported by the articles in the blog (not everytime!). You may learn something out of this section(or may be not), totally depends on how you perceive.
More about me
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