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Includes some cool, quick and immersive demos that are mostly made for learning reasons.
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Hi there! I am Srikanth Rayabhagi, based out of Hyderabad, passionate towards web development and Human computer interactions. Big fan of Japanese Anime. Completed my B.Tech Computer Science from Vellore Institute of Technology and currently working as Anti-Abuse Engineer, Google Hyderabad.

Work Experience

  • Anti-Abuse Engineering, Google
  • Search Quality Evaluation, Google
  • Intern, Hexaware Technologies


.. doesn't incl all the cool stuff I work on!

CrysoMapia - Crowdsourcing using Web Technologies
An efficient web platform, that helps management of data in crisis situations and helps in dealing crowd sourced data with ease and efficiency. This project is based on Ushahidi, an open source platform that serves the purpose and built on MVC architecture using the PHP.
Video demonstration of the project
Re-Architectiure of Knowledge Management System
Interned the Learning and development team at Hexaware Technologies, the project aims at re-architecture of the KMS system to provide efficient and effective mechanism to share the knowledge across the company.
Project Presentation
Link Analysis
Chrome Extension that analyses the links in the page and gives you detailed analysis report based on domain and sub-domain level. Useful when you analyze links at deeper levels.
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.. e-mail is history, plus me!
but if you prefer catch me at srikanth[at]nerdstogeeks[dot]com